Running Improves Mental Health | Noida Grand Marathon (Second Edition)

The physical benefits of running a marathon are many and we know it all. But do you know that marathons can be equally good for mental health? Running can have profound effects on mental health, as it holds so many mental and emotional benefits. Everyone knows that running is best way to stay fit and keep your body healthy. Of course, there are additionally some psychological effects that running does to our brain. It is science and it is quite useful for a healthy and happy life. Why not make it fruitful?

Noida Grand Marathon (Second Edition)

Running Improves Mental Health | Noida Grand Marathon (Second Edition)

Exercise is the key component to maintain and improve mental health. Generally, people who exercise and run regularly have a positive boost in their mood and exhibit lower rates of depression. Running is a good aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, which increases blood circulation to the brain. With oxygen-rich blood flooding the brain, your mental processes improve drastically. Running improves mood and generates good feelings. While doing exercises like running, our body naturally produces endorphins, a hormone that reduces pain and stress. This is why intense running makes runners feel ‘high’.

Regular exercise and running is proven to reduce stress/anxiety, and improve sleep patterns. On the emotional side, running makes you happy and boosts your self-esteem. Also, running in groups during marathons adds social connections and creates a running community for yourself.

So why not make use of this great opportunity to improve your health and stay fit.

Information about Noida Grand Marathon (Second Edition):

After the grand success of the Noida Grand Marathon (First Edition) with the tremendous support from runners/parents/kids, here comes the second edition. The event will be organized by Piku Sports.

There are 7 different categories:

52.2 KM – Ultra Marathon
42.2 KM – Full Marathon
31.1 KM
21.1 KM – Half Marathon
10 KM
5 KM
3 KM Fun Run

There will be cash prize for the winners in the first three places in all categories.

Date: 11th Feb 2018

Time: 05:00 AM – 01:00 PM

VENUE: Jaypee Hospital, Sector 132, Noida, India.

REGISTRATION: check out the Goeventz portal

How to Register for the Event?          

You can make your registration for the Noida Grand Marathon (Second Edition) through the Goeventz portal.

Click here to register.

You can book your tickets online with the required details and your name will be added to the runners list with the event organizer. Soon after registering, all The Registered Participants will get e-mail about the event Details.

If you want to know further details regarding the event, you can visit Goeventz.

[FYI, the Goeventz payment gateway is completely safe and secure to use.]

About Goeventz

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