Stretch Marks Scrub for Moms

After your pregnancy, you can feel so many biological, physical changes to your body. The postpartum period is one phase in which lot of care has to be taken for both health and beauty. Though it all is related to your child birth, there are few you can deal with it to maintain your beauty. It is important that many are often concerned about their stretch marks after child birth. There are quite a lot cosmetics for this purpose. However, here we have a simple and natural stretch marks scrub for new moms. Regular use of this natural scrub would help in fading the stretch marks without harming your body.

This stretch marks scrub made from raw sugar and Shea butter is considered the best to get rid of the childbirth stretch marks. It actually helps in reducing the signs of marks easily when used continuously for few weeks.


Raw cane sugar – ½ cup

Olive oil or Coconut Oil – ¼  cup

Shea butter – 1 tbsp.

Laver essential oil – 5 drops

Vitamin E oil – ½  tsp.

Lemon juice or lemon oil – 1 tsp.


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Blend them well to get a smoother paste. You can also place it on low flame in a pan and stir well until it gets smooth. Transfer the creamy content into a tight jar or container and store it.

How to use this stretch marks scrub
  • Take some quantity of the cream and rub it gently on the marks area.
  • You have to do it twice or thrice a week to see the results.
  • Shower as usual with hot water.
  • After than pat dry and use coconut oil or almond oil to keep the skin moisturized.
A Word of Caution

If you are nursing, make sure to consult a doctor for using essential oils.

If any of these ingredients is allergic or advised by doctors for restriction, do be away from using it.


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