Why Trekking is Beneficial for Health ?

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Sometimes, adventurous journeys could be captivating. Trekking is one such adventure that offers a thrilling experience with excitement. Trekking is indeed a way to try one’s endurance and discover new horizons of experience. Moreover, trekking is a way to connect with nature so that refreshes one’s body, mind, and soul. There ways in which trekking can be making a difference to your life – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Since trekking requires higher levels of effort, it improves the bodily performance. Trekking requires climbing, jumping, stretching, and dodging sort of exercises at several intervals. Regular trekking allows experiencing small bursts of these energy-burning workouts that help make the bones stronger. Also, backpacking adds weight to the shoulders and when carried properly helps in adding bone density and benefits overall fitness.

Trekking can help you achieve muscle strength. Since trekking experience is a challenging one, it activates the body muscles, especially, the quads, calves, and the abdominal muscles, making them flexible and agile. No doubt, trekking gives a whole body workout.

Trekkers experience a newfound energy and peace of mind, right after the expedition. Trekking increases focus of the mind and concentration. It also improves memory and brain functionality.

When it comes to the mental benefits of trekking, stress relief is the primary one. Trekking helps reduce the overall stress from day-to-day routine endeavors. It allows the hikers to get a cool mind in a refreshing natural atmosphere. Trekking helps the release of the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins because of the mental and physical activities involved.

The dash of fresh air inhale rejuvenates the body system from inside out. Also, trekking allows oneself to have a better appreciation of nature and sense calmness and joy from nature.

So, if you are excited to have such a thrilling trekking experience, we have a chance for you to embark on an adventure holiday.

Old Silk Route Tour – Exclusively For Ladies – Siliguri

old silk route tour

The Silk Route Tour is exclusively for ladies who wish to explore adventurous trips. The program is organized by the Beyond Horizon Ladies Travel Group named Travel Girls. The group identifies wanderlust ladies of similar interest and passion for traveling. The Old Silk Route Tour is organized as a trekking tour that will embark on winding undulating roads, around the meandering rivers, in the backdrop of the mystic Kanchenjunga. The trekkers are deemed to experience local cuisines, relishing barbecue beside the river, value the local living and customs, dance moments, amazing photographic locations and more.

The travel itinerary includes a special guided tour at homestay with musical entertainment and game shows. The tour is limited to ladies above the age of eighteen.

Information about the program – Old Silk Route Tour

DATE: Fri, Apr 21 2017, to Wed, Apr 26 2017,

TIME: 10:00 AM(IST) to 09:00 PM(IST)

VENUE: New Jalpaiguri Junction Railway Station, Unnamed Road, Ward 35, Nayapara, Siliguri Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

REGISTRATION: check out the Goeventz portal

How to Register for the Event?

Registering for Old Silk Route Tour can be made through the goeventz portal.

Click here to register.

You can book your tickets online with the required details. Soon after registering, registered participants will receive further information regarding the tour event details through e-mailer.

If you want to know further details regarding the event, you can visit Goeventz.

[FYI, the Goeventz payment gateway is completely safe and secure to use.]

About Goeventz

Goeventz is an online platform that connects people with great events! Goeventz makes it easier for participants and event organizers to get in a universal space for all sorts of events such as conferences, rock concerts, festivals, fundraisers, exhibitions, trade fairs and all the more. If you are event seekers, Goeventz provides a safe and user-friendly payment gateway to book tickets, and if you are an event organizer, it promotes your events to a wider audience. You can discover events happening around the world, all from a single platform.

To explore more events, Visit their website – Goeventz.com



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