Coffee Mask for Treating Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

coffee for dark circles

Puffiness and dark circles under your eyes can make your eyes lose its brightness. It makes you look tired, and older. Since eyes are sensitive parts, using harsh chemicals can not only be harmful but also will aggravate the problem.  There are so many reasons for this problem such as lack of sleep, allergies, health issues, deficiency, and more. Here we have a simple homemade trick with coffee that can help you alleviate the problem. This coffee mask for treating dark circles and puffiness are easy and effective.

Coffee contains a natural compound known as tannins, which helps in reducing the eye problems. Moreover caffeinated teas and coffee are mildly diuretic, which increases the blood circulation. These homemade remedies with coffee mask for eyes can help you get rid of dark circles and puffiness effectively.


Organic Coffee powder – 2 tbsp

Honey – 2 tbsp

Water – as required

Direction to use
  • Take organic coffee powder in a bowl.
  • Mix honey and required water to form a fine paste.
  • Apply this paste around your eyes.
  • Allow it to dry for 10 minutes.
  • Wash it with cold water.

Coffee Eye Pads:

Coffee is effective in reducing inflammation and redness under the eyes. Brewed organic coffee can be used for treating these problems. Cool down the brewed coffee and dip a cotton pad in it. Use the dipped cotton pad and gently pat on your affected eyes area. Leave it for few minutes and rinse it off. This will effectively make your eye dark circles disappear.

Coffee Ice Cubes:

You can also use brewed coffee in the form of ice cubes. After refrigerating the coffee, take it every morning and place it on your under eye area. This will rejuvenate your skin and prevent the dark circles and puffiness from appearing. The powerful anti-oxidants in coffee will help in reducing wrinkles, and under eye problems.

So following these simple remedies with coffee can bring the soul to your eyes by eradicating the problem of wrinkles, puffy, tired, and dark eyes.


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