Common Weight-Loss Mistakes Dieters Make

Common Weight-Loss Mistakes Dieters MakeWeight-loss has become a fad. With the world turning towards a series of techniques to combat obesity and maintain a so-called perfect figure, we fall into the trap of the weight-loss myths. Today’s women are not new to the struggles of weight-loss. However, the actual techniques require just few hacks and tweaks to your routine lifestyle regime.

From the perspective of experts and nutritionists, here are few of the common and significant mistakes that most people encounter, when getting to slim down.

Starting without Planning:

Anything without proper plans would not work out for good. The first and foremost concern when it comes to practising weight-loss diets is that you have to plan ahead. You usually have a complete check-list of dos and don’ts during the dieting period but not many are making a list for their groceries and hunger cravings. A good diet plan is one in which you do not feel like starve. Starving is in no way going to aid your weight-loss process. Stock up everything you will need for the next few days or weeks before preparing for the diet plan. Everything from fruits to veggies will help you combat the cravings. This is indeed the way to stick to healthy eating for a long term.

Getting the Embarrassing Party Invite

Keep your close circles well-informed about your dietary plans. Do not make the mistake of letting your close ones sabotage your efforts of weight-loss. A treat at an ice-cream parlor/bar or an invite for a colleague’s party at KFC can be a great blocker to your regime. Support from everyone around can make your workout and plans go easier. Let them know your plans and keep them kindly updated of your routines.

Dosing Heavily on Proteins

Proteins can be good and high-protein diets are the hype today. However, they are not actually the deal-breakers. Such a diet could not be a healthy one when it comes to long-term results. Carb-free, high-protein diets can let you miss out the nutrients. It is important to keep fruits, veggies, whole grains, and nuts on the list, apart from high-protein foods. Nevertheless having more than enough protein can aid weight gain as the excess gets stored as fats in the body.

Counterbalancing your ‘misses’ with Workouts

There is a subtle tendency of compensation amongst weight-losers. Eating few slices of pieces for their craving can be paid off with an hour or two of workouts. This is indeed an unhealthy strategy for dieter weight-loss. Doing few more hours of workouts or walking can never give you the right to eat whatever you want. Not only is it unhealthy, it will lead to weight gain. You will never burn equal amounts of calorie and no wonder you can’t make up for your unhealthy cravings.

Keeping your Cravings Shut:

Never ever try to keep your diet bleak. If you crave a lot for your favourite stuff, just inhale a smaller quantity and ward off.  If not, you might end up going overboard, once your diet plan gets over. This will make all your efforts go in vain.

Cheating while dieting

Heavy craving for foods can tempt you to take a pause, perhaps, temporarily. Staying all week long in perfect diet, and just one cheat day can undo all your effort. It’s actually not so good for accomplishing the planned goals of weight-loss.

Not Monitoring your Progress

When it comes to any plan, it is important to keep a track of all. Get a record of the entire daily calorie intake along with the mention of pounds you have shed in weekly basis. This would definitely help in planning ahead for the long-term. Have a food journal or jot it down every bite to intake.

Processed Diet Foods

Ward off from those artificial sweeteners and Reduced-fat foods. Instead of aiding your weight-loss, it tends to bring unhealthy ingredients into your body. Though these might provide fewer calories and aid weight-loss, they are actually limiting your healthier dietary practice.

Juices for Breakfast

Having just fruit juice as breakfast can be encouraging at start, but it actually not. Juices raise blood sugar and insulin level and make you feel hungry sooner. Instead, get good sources of protein and fiber for your morning feast.

Overestimating your Progress

It is common to shed lots of pounds in the initial days. However, it will not be the same later. Planning your diet from the progress of your results in the first couple of weeks is normally not a good idea. Keep everything from a long-run perspective and plan accordingly.

Dropping pounds is not always a piece of cake. Plan ahead and make sure to adopt healthy ways during weight-loss. Make sure not to make any of these mistakes when you are starting with your diet plans. Get healthy in healthy ways.


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