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Sternutation, or what is commonly known as sneezing, is a natural body mechanism that consists of the involuntarily expulsion of air from nose. It is one of the defense mechanism in our body to eliminate the foreign bodies from the air pathways of nose and lungs. The causes and reasons for sneezing are many. Usually, allergic reactions, dust, and pollution cause sneezing. Moreover, cold and respiratory diseases can also cause sneezing. Even though sneezing is needed to get rid of the foreign bodies, it can be irritating because of frequent/sudden expulsion of air through nose. When something tickles inside your nose, it signals the muscles to expel and perform sneezing. Unlike what you think, sneezing is an amazingly fast action that expels tiny particles out at an unimaginable speed of 100 miles per hour. Allergic sneezing can occur due to airborne substances such as dust, mold, pollen, or pet dander. Sneezing caused by allergic reactions is known as allergic rhinitis. It can be a seasonal allergy or aroused by any external stimulus like dust or mold. While sneezing can be annoying, there are few home remedies you can try to get relief from the problem.


The chamomile has natural antihistamine and mild sedative properties. It helps to relieve from sneezing problem. If you have constant sneezing all day, you can make a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime to get relief. It will also help you have a better sleep throughout the night. You can also have it at daytime, if you get morning sneezing problem.

To know how to make chamomile tea, you can check out this post: Chamomile Tea.


You can have a good steam inhalation to soothe your nose and air pathways. You can do it with different essential oils to benefit from steaming. The hot vapors sent through the air pathways and nose helps in clearing out any bacterial infections or other foreign bodies. Inflammation in the mucous membrane can be eased with steam inhalation and reduces stuffiness. It also helps to alleviate other symptoms related to sneezing such as runny nose, mucus formation, and stuffy nose.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-emetic properties. It helps in curing various conditions like allergies. It is also an ancient remedy to solve viral infections and nasal problems. The antihistamine properties in ginger help to treat allergies among the airway contraction. It also helps to clear mucus and stops sneezing.

Take some fresh ginger piece and crush it. Extract the juice and take it twice a day.


Garlic has excellent anti-allergic, anti-bactericidal, and anti-viral properties. If you have cold-related sneezing, garlic works well.

Crush some Garlic cloves and inhale this aroma. This will help in clearing the mucus or other toxins in the nasal passage to stop sneezing.

Vitamin C

Taking Vitamin C supplements helps to lower the histamine production in your body. It also controls sneezing. You can take vitamin C rich fruits like lemon, oranges, and grapefruit. Also include veggies that contain bioflavonoids as it has antioxidant properties to control the histamine production and reduce sneezing.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds help to stop sneezing as it has antiviral properties. Fenugreek also has soothing effect and relives irritation and treats sneezing.

Boil some water with few teaspoons of fenugreek seeds. Once it reduces to half, drain the mixture, and take small sips to stop sneezing. You can do this twice or thrice a day.

Essential oils

Different essential oils have good benefits to prevent sneezing. Here is a simple essential oil mixture that can be diffused to the environment.

Mix few drops of Lavender essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, and Lemon essential oil in a diffuser. You can also simply place the oils in the room.

These home remedies help to prevent exposure to environmental dust, irritants, and allergens in your home. This will aggravate any sneezing problem related to allergic reactions. Try out these sneezing remedies and let us know in the comments, how it worked out for you.


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