Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds / Methi

Fenugreek seeds or commonly called Methi are a part of an everyday kitchen. Not many know that these little seeds are a rich reservoir of medicinal benefits. Right from improving reproduction function to healthy nutrition, fenugreek seeds have a major part in health. Fenugreek seeds are usually of bitter taste with flat, yellow-brown seeds. Their aroma is somewhat pungent but is used in wide range of cooking needs. Apart from the seeds, fenugreek leaves, fenugreek oil, and fenugreek extract are available in the market. They are loaded with antioxidants, antimicrobial properties, and anti-diabetic abilities. Know more about the health benefits of fenugreek seeds.

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

The first and foremost benefit of fenugreek seeds are that it reduces internal and external inflammation. The anti-inflammatory effects of these seeds also help inflammation within the body such as mouth ulcers, bronchitis, skin infection, chronic coughs, kidney ailments and more.

Fenugreek helps in digestive problems such as upset stomach, constipation, and stomach inflammation. The water-soluble fiber in fenugreek seeds helps to relieve constipation.

The presence of alkaloid and saponin compounds in fenugreek seeds shows anticarcinogenic abilities. This lowers the risk of cancer formation and cell damage.

Studies show that fenugreek seed extract inhibits more than 70 percent of tumor cells growth in the body.

The presence of the 4-hydroxyisoleucine compound in fenugreek seeds increases insulin secretion. The hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic nature of these seeds have proved to influence diabetes mellitus.

The fenugreek seed extracts show anti-obesity properties. Chewing soaked fenugreek seeds in empty stomach aids in weight loss.

Fenugreek seeds help increase men libido. It is used as a natural remedy for impotence and to increase sexual performance. It also helps maintain normal testosterone levels.

For breastfeeding women, fenugreek seeds help increase breast milk supply. It acts as a galactagogue and stimulates milk production within 24 hours.

Fenugreek is a great remedy for menstrual problems and menopause relief. It is also a natural remedy to induce and ease childbirth. However, take caution as excess intake can lead to premature childbirth and miscarriage.

Fenugreek seeds help decrease the uptake of bile acids and lower cholesterol levels. It also decreases hepatic cholesterol synthesis in liver and blood.

It is a rich source of steroidal saponins that prevents cholesterol and triglycerides absorption. This helps reduce cholesterol levels naturally.

The presence of galactomannan in fenugreek helps maintain heart health. It contains good amounts of potassium to counters the sodium action and helps control heart rates and blood pressure.


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