World Peace Marathon 2016 Bangalore

world peace marathon 2016Keeping your body fit and healthy is a desire for one and all. While many go for high-intensity workouts, others opt for low-intensity workouts such as walking, running, skipping, or even jogging. It is true that high-intensity workouts can overload your body systems; on the other hand low-intensity workouts such as running are always beneficial. There are various health benefits of running and we know a lot of it. But can this running exercise can be a fun? Yes, it can. Marathons are usually health events that attract people to run for a cause. So, a marathon can challenge your workout potential, support a cause, at the same time, and give you a fun-filled moment with co-runners. If you have got the time and intentional drive, then go for it.

World Peace Marathon 2016 – Bangalore. For more details, read ahead.

We know Running is good for health. But running for something greater than our own benefit, gives a good sense of purpose. Volunteers who run in marathons turn out to be happier, with less depression and stress levels. Moreover, supporting charity causes also increases your self-esteem.

Reasons to Run a Marathon

A half-marathon is increasingly popular in the recent days. Running a good amount of time a week has solid health benefits. Once, your running practice turns into a daily physical activity, you experience lesser health risks.

Running has the well-known benefit of weight loss. Once you start running, you burn a lot of calories. Running helps to controls weight.

Running helps to strengthen heart with efficient flow of oxygen and blood throughout the body.

Regular running also helps to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check. It also helps to improve your immune system to fight off germs.

Apart from the health benefits, marathon helps beginners to stay motivated. While you run with co-participants, you get the drive to keep going instead of quitting half way. Marathon can help you stick with your training schedule later. Keep yourself hydrated to combat the effects of dehydration caused by running.

Marathon allows you to actively participate with other runners to achieve a sense of togetherness.

Usually, marathons are run to support a cause. It benefits worthwhile causes and charities to bring to light their purpose. You get a greater feel of content while running for a meaningful reason.

You also get rewarded for your effort. Usually, in marathons, you get medals and shirts for participating and winning the run.

Information about World Peace Marathon 2016 Bangalore

Marathons provide a platform for training, togetherness, and benefits charities for different causes. If you are intentionally pursuing to do a marathon, you have an opportunity. World Peace Marathon 2016 is planned in Bangalore. This is a 10K run and 5K walk held to promote ideals of peace, freedom, and happiness. The World Peace Marathon 10K RUN is conducted by joining hands with the charity partner, WLW FOUNDATION. It targets towards raising funds for children with disabilities in India. It aspires to meet all the needs such as health, education, employment, and sports for the children with disabilities. The event is promoted by Expressions in Bangalore.

Date: 18th September, Sunday

Time: 6:00AM

Venue: Cubbon Park, Corporation Gate, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Category: 10K Run & 5K Walk


  • MEN’S Winners & Runners Up Trophies
  • World Peace Medals for MEN’S Runners on completion of 10K Run
  • WOMEN’s Winners & Runners Up Trophies
  • World Peace Medals for WOMEN’S Runners on completion of 10K Run
  • 50+ Men’s & Women’s First Five Places Prizes
  • 60+ Men’s & Women’s First Five Places Prizes

– Certificates, T-Shirt, medals for all participants.

– Free breakfast for all participants. 

– Bibs shall be collected on the spot and the route map shall be explained and mailed before the run. 

Let the fitness regime continue. Come together and participate.

How to get Registered?

Once you are convinced enough to run a marathon in this event, here is how to seize the opportunity. For those willing to register for the event, Click Here. (Online Registrations Only). You can book your tickets online with the required details to get registered for the event.

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