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Usually, everyone goes for fitness programs to keep themselves fit and healthy. There are different types of fitness programs. In the recent trend, dance fitness is getting some good hype. As a result, different dance fitness programs have evolved. Among them, Zumba fitness is one such program. If you have not heard of this Zumba dance; read ahead to know more.

What is Zumba Dance Fitness?

Zumba is a kind of dance fitness program involving dance and aerobic exercises. This is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout, with choreographed steps. The dance programs create a fitness party atmosphere with different types of dance and music. Here is a short history of Zumba Dance. The Zumba dance was first created during the 1990s by a Colombian choreographer named Alberto “Beto” Perez. Today, the trademark of the dance is owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC.

The choreography of Zumba Fitness includes everything from samba, salsa, Mambo, hip-hop, pop, and jazz. The fitness exercise also includes squats and lunges. The Zumba dances are typically taught by licensed instructors for about an hour long. It is estimated that a person doing Zumba fitness class can burn an average of 500-1000 calories, depending on the energy put in.

The Zumba dance workout has gained popularity in the recent years. The exhilarating fitness class is usually an enjoyable workout with party-like fun and good feelings. The fat and calorie burning dance workout helps support your fitness goals to the fullest.

Benefits of Zumba Dance Fitness

Some of the benefits in which Zumba dance aids your health and fitness routine.

  • Since Zumba dance is a fat-burning exercise, it aids best in weight loss.
  • Zumba dance helps to tone your entire body since your muscles are engaged in specific moves such as squats and twists.
  • The upbeat moves of the Zumba dance release endorphins or mood improving hormones. It is also a great stress reliever.
  • Zumba class improves your overall mind coordination.
  • Zumba dance has heart-health benefits as well. The full-body cardio workout helps warm up your body.
  • Since the Zumba workout stretches almost all muscles and joints. It also helps strengthen calves and ankles.
  • The aerobic exercises build endurance and increase the strength of your heart.
  • The high-intensity event also builds up your anaerobic endurance and helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular respiratory system.
  • Apart from the physical benefits of Zumba dance, you experience a fun-filled atmosphere that gets you in touch with people from dance fitness community.

If you are impressed of this new dance workout and expecting to join one such program, here we have the details.

Details about the Zumba Riot with Vijaya

Zumba Riot with Vijaya is a fitness dance program organized by GRYCS. The program is exclusively for college students and high secondary students. Here is the schedule for the Zumba Riot with Vijaya

7:30 AM – 60 Minutes of Zumba session by Vijaya

8:30 AM – 30 Minutes of Group Dance Performances by different Colleges

9:00 AM – Buffet Breakfast

Information about the Zumba Riot

DATE: Sun, Feb 5, 2017

TIME: 07:30AM to 09.30AM

VENUE: The Street Drive Inn, Meridian School Rd, Ayyappa Society, Siddhi Vinayak Nagar, Madhapur, 500081, India Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

REGISTRATION: check out the Goeventz portal

How to Register for the Event?

Registering for Zumba Riot with Vijaya event can be made through the goeventz portal.

Click here to register.

You can book your tickets online with the required details. Soon after registering, you will receive the details through mail or mobile. Registered participants will receive further information regarding the event details through e-mailer. If you want to know further details regarding the event, you can visit Goeventz.

[FYI, the Goeventz payment gateway is completely safe and secure to use.]

About Goeventz

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