10 Superfoods to Increase Breast Milk Production – Part 1

Increasing breast milk supply is one of the primary concerns for lactating moms. Breastfeeding can not only be a nutritious food for the babies, it also proves to be essential for baby’s physical and mental development. Breast milk provides the child with the optimum balance of all nutrients such as fat, sugar, protein and essentially water. Apart from that it also reduces the risk of developing allergies and infections. It gives a physical and emotional bond to the baby and mother. This is why mother’s food plays a major importance. Some foods increase breast milk production for lactating mothers.

With the necessity of breast milk inevitable, new mothers have to take sufficient foods to increase breast milk production. Earlier, we had a post on home remedy recipes about increasing breast milk. If interested, you can check out it here.  Other than that, there are certain foods you can intake to increase breast milk production. These foods increase breast milk production considerably.

What foods Increase Breast Milk Production

1. Almonds

Almonds are super healthy for lactating mothers. They are packed with fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. all of these are much important for the health of the newborn baby and the mother. apart from Almonds, nuts like walnuts and cashews, are also super healthy. They are also good non-dairy source fo calcium. If you have lactose intolerance, almond milk can be a great addition to get the calcium benefit. Moreover, almonds contain monounsaturated fats that help to increase the richness of breast milk. It can also keep your stomach satiated apart from a healthy snack to crunch between meals.

You can take 5 or 6 soaked almonds daily. Better to avoid salted and roasted varieties. Soaked almonds contain more nutrients. However, if you have nut allergies problem, avoid eating almonds.

2. Eggs

Eggs are tasty and versatile food. It contains rich protein, riboflavin, lutein, folate, and choline. It also contains vitamins B12 and D, which are essential for good health. Studies show that increased intake of choline during and after pregnancy period can promote brain development and protect the infants from possible illness. Moreover, egg yolks contain quality protein with a perfect balance of the essential eight amino acids.

Including a couple of eggs into your daily diet can increase breast milk production. You can eat it in a variety of ways – hard boiled, scrambled, or as an omelet or egg salad.

3. Salmon

Fish, especially salmons, are a great diet for pregnant and lactating women. Salmons and most fishes are excellent sources of protein and vitamin D. It contains DHA, which is a type of omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is essential for the development of baby’s nervous system. Salmons are known to increase breast milk production considerably. It also provides the supply of essential fatty acids to newborns.

Having 2 servings of Salmon per week can improve the supply of breast milk. You can take it baked or grilled. Make sure to opt for wild salmon rather than farm raised salmons.

 4. Barley Water

Barley grains are lactogenic by  nature. It is a traditionally used to increase milk production for nursing mothers. It contains Tryptophan, which produces Serotoninm, an essential compound for lactation as it activates Prolactin in the body. Barley also contains Polysaccharide beta-glucan, which stimulates the body’s lactation activity. Moreover, it is high in fiber and niacin, a B vitamin.

Barley Water is a potent lactogenic beverage. To know how to make Barley Water, you can read our post. is at the bottom of this article

Make a pot of barley water in the morning and drink it by warming each cup throughout the day. You can use a natural sweetener like honey if desired.

5. Fava Bean (Avarakkai – அவரைக்காய்)

Fava beans or Indian broad beans is a good lactogenic food. It has very high protein and dietary fiber. It contains phytonutrients such as plant sterols and isoflavone. Fava beans is also an excellent source of folates and contains ample amounts of Vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin-B6 (pyridoxine), riboflavin and niacin.

You can cook so many recipes with Fava beans and intake it regularly with your meals.

To be continued…

There are more foods that increase breast milk supply. Check out the post for more. Adding these foods to your diet can considerably increase breast milk for lactating mothers. If you know any other foods to increase breast milk production, do share us in the comments.


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