Turmeric Ubtan Powder for Healthy glowing Skin

Turmeric Ubtan Powder for Healthy glowing Skin

Ubtan is a traditional Indian paste that is used for giving enhanced glow to the skin. It is normally used using special occasions to get the desired glow. However, what is wrong in using it daily.  It is herbal, homemade, and easy to use. Here is a special Turmeric Ubtan Powder for healthy glowing skin that is use regularly. Some of the ingredients in it are usually bought from herbal or organic stores. If you do not find a particular ingredients, you can probably skip it, except for the turmeric and besan flour.

Ingredients needed for Turmeric Ubtan Powder

Curcumin / விரலி மஞ்சள் –  1/4 kg

Wild turmeric / கஸ்தூரி மஞ்சள் – 1/4 kg

Turmeric / மஞ்சள் கிழங்கு –  1/4 kg

Green gram / பாசி பயறு – 1/4 kg

White turmeric / பூலங்கிழங்கு – 50gm

Fenugreek / வெந்தயம் – 50gm

Bunch grass / வெட்டிவேர் – 25gm

Artemisia pallens / மரிக்கொழுந்து – 50gm

Nut Grass / கோர கிழங்கு – 25gm

Rose Petals / ரோஜா – 25gm

Frangipani / சம்பங்கி – 25gm

Indian Sarsaparilla / நன்னாரி – 25gm

Indian Costus Root/ கோஷ்டம் – 25gm

புனுகு பட்டை – 25gm

Hibiscus / செம்பருத்தி – 25gm

Orange peel – 25 gm


Once you get all the ingredients, dry them in sunlight for a day.

It is preferable to get all the ingredients finely milled in a miller. However, if you are having a good quality mixer that can finely mill down all the ingredients, you can do it at home.

This resulting powder can be stored in a tight container for years. Make sure not to let the moisture in or else it will get spoiled soon. You can use this Turmeric Ubtan Powder in daily basis.

How to make a paste.

There are different ways you can use this turmeric ubtan powder. For daily bath use, you can mix it with rosewater or milk and apply the paste all over your body while taking a shower. The besan has excellent cleansing properties.

For special occasions, you can use it as a face pack. Mix the turmeric ubtan powder with lemon juice and milk to form a paste. Apply this paste on your face for 20 minutes and rinse it off. You have to apply the paste in circular motions to gently exfoliate the skin. You can do this regularly.

There are so many benefits for using turmeric ubtan powders.

Complexion lightening

Ubtans are best for lightening your complexion. On regular use, it makes your skin clean and clear. It adds an intense glow to the skin.

Skin exfoliation

The ubtan paste helps in opening up the skin pores and thus exfoliates the skin gently.

Fairer skin

Usually, the mixture of lemon juice and milk to turmeric can be the added benefit. Lemon is a natural bleach and milk is an excellent skin moisturizer. Hence ubtan gives you an excellent fair skin, with no harm of chemicals.

Facial hair removal.

Turmeric is a best ingredient for hair removal. It reduces hair growth considerably. Also, turmeric is comforting and pain-relieving for skin problems that arise due to hair growth and artificial hair removal methods.

Flawless skin

The antiseptic benefits of Turmeric Ubtan powders helps in reducing unwanted facial marks, dark spots, blemishes and warts. Regular use of ubtan for more than a month can give you a flawless skin.

Softens skin

Having prepared from completely natural ingredients, the ubtan paste provides all the essential nutrients to the skin. As a result, you get a soft and smooth skin, instantly. It also greatly improves your skin texture, adding suppleness to it.

When you have a big day arriving or you want to look amazing all time from natural ingredients, this Turmeric Ubtan powder is the best bet. Try it out and let us know in the comments.


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