Why is Brown Rice Good for Health

Brown Rice is one of the healthiest foods in the world. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition regards brown rice to be healthier for its nutrition and health benefits. It is important to know why brown rice is good for health. The difference between Brown rice and white rice is not in its appearance alone. Though white rice is tastier, it is not a healthier alternative. Here is the reason why it is recommended to use brown rice for health.

Brown rice is not a different variety but is the unrefined rice bran. Unlike the white rice which is refined and stripped off all the nutrients, the side hulls and brans in the brown rice retain the whole grain benefits. It contains all the nutrients including proteins, calcium, magnesium, thiamine, fiber and potassium.

Promotes Weight Loss

Brown rice is one of the best for losing weight because of its fiber content. Regular intake of brown rice will limit your appetite craving as your stomach will feel fuller for a long time. Also it makes digestion easier and keeps the bowel functioning and management right at its peak.

Energy Production

The presence of manganese in brown rice produces enough energy. It aids the synthesis of fatty acids you get lots of energy from the protein and carbohydrates present in manganese.

Lowers cholesterol

One of the many health reasons of brown rice is cholesterol management. It is true that brown rice as a whole food lowers cholesterol levels in body. Presence of fatty acids helps in reduction of LDL cholesterol in the body. Also brown rice is important food for cardiovascular health. It supplies heart-healthy fiber, vitamins and other nutrients.

Combats Postmenopausal Problems

Consuming brown rice regularly can benefit postmenopausal women. It helps in preventing high cholesterol and high blood pressure caused due to post menopause. Women taking refined grains are less benefited in this regard. Brown rice also helps in preventing atherosclerosis.

Benefits Diabetes Patients

Since Brown rice helps in keeping body’s blood sugar levels under control, it is a good choice for persons with diabetes. Consuming half a cup of brown rice can reduce risks of diabetes.

High antioxidant

Brown rice has plenty of antioxidants, which prevents the body from damage from free radicals. Antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase (SOD) provides protection to body during energy production.

Rich in fiber and selenium

Selenium-rich foods help in reducing the risk of heart diseases, arthritis, and cancer. Selenium is also essential for metabolism and hormone balancing. Brown rice also increases body immunity by combating much illness. Selenium also helps in repairing DNA and synthesis of cell damage. Selenium works with antioxidants and vitamin E for eliminating various illnesses like asthma, inflammation of arthritis’s and more.

Brown rice is surely a healthy choice for both vegans and no-vegans. You can use it for different recipes and improve the taste of brown rice for health.



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