How to make Plantain/Banana Stem Juice

Everyone knows the benefits of banana fruit and even we have posted about the banana flower. But not many are aware of the benefits of eating banana stem. This is mainly because of the cumbersome chores in peeling and cooking of this banana stem. However, do you know you can make banana stem juice easily at home?

Banana stem juice or vaazhai thandu juice or plantain stem juice has so many health benefits, regardless of its variety. Taking banana stem at least weekly once is greatly beneficial. You can make different dishes with the banana stem. Today, we shall talk about banana stem juice.

Benefits of banana stem juice

  • Banana stem is good for kidney problems. It helps flush out kidney/gall bladder stones. For those suffering from gall bladder problems, the banana stem is a good choice to add to their diet.
  • Banana stem aids in weight loss. Since it is full of fiber, it satiates the appetite and keeps you from overeating.
  • Banana stem juice treats hyperacidity. Drinking one cup of banana stem juice in the empty stomach can alleviate the problem.
  • Since banana stem is rich in fiber, it aids in constipation. Consuming this banana stem juice helps treat constipation problems. Make sure to drink the juice without straining it.
  • Banana stem is also great for diabetic patients. Unlike other vegetables, it does not raise the blood sugar level. Here also, drink the banana stem juice without straining to help retain the fiber content.
  • Banana stem is also effective in treating UTI (urinary tract infection) problems.

Usually, many people complain about the clumsy cleaning work with banana stem and that’s the reason for them to avoid it in their diet. But there is a way to it. You can simply do the cutting and cleaning one day and soak the pieces in buttermilk. This can be stored in the refrigerator for days. Daily, you can take the required amount and make banana stem juice. If needed, just change the buttermilk alone, if it gets too sour. This way, we can consume banana stem often and also save so much of time. Here is how to make banana stem juice

Banana Stem Juice

Cut and cleaned banana stems – ¼ cup

Fresh yogurt – 2 tbsp.

Roasted jeera/cumin powder – a pinch

Pepper – as preferred

Salt – a pinch

Take all the ingredients together and grind them into a smooth paste. It might be quite think in consistency. Add some boiled water to thin it down, if desired.

This banana stem drink is really tasty and use can drink it weekly once for best results.


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