Natural Ways To Treat Dry Skin Problem

Dry skin is a common problem for many. The outer layer of our skin has natural oils that are secreted from the skin glands. Increased exposure to chemicals and constant stripping of oil glands from our skin can cause dryness and flacky skin. People with dry skin often encounter problems that make them worry a lot. This kind of flacky dry and patchy skin can be treated with good moisturizers. However chemical or artificial moisturizers can harm your skin in the long run. In that case it is best to rely on natural moisturizer that will add moisture to your skin and also will serve to lock in the natural moisture of your skin The best trick is to go for home remedies that would treat dry skin problems effectively. Here are some of the remedies that can be done from the simple ingredients at home that help you get a soft and supple skin.

1 . Raw milk

The best thing that has to be done for getting a softer skin is to properly exfoliate your skin cells. This can be done in many ways. First of all you need to give your skin a simple milk bath. This can be done by simply applying raw milk on your face. Dab it with a wash cloth or cotton pad. The lactic acid present in milk gently exfoliates the dead skin cells from your face. Cold raw milk is much preferable as it will give enough moisture to your skin.
Exfoliating the skin with raw milk will help in increasing the skin’s ability to hold in the moisture. If you are having a dry irritated skin area you can put the washcloth with milk on that particular area and leave it for 5 to 6 minutes and then rinse off. Do not strip away all the raw milk and do this gently so that some of the lactic acid will stay on your skin and keep the face moisturized for longer time.

2. Epsom salt and sea weed

In order to soften the rough patches on your skin you can use simple bathing techniques. First you have to start filling your bathtub with warm water and add 2 cups of Epsom salt. Use this water to soak your entire skin while bathing. If you’re having dry skin problems in particular areas, you will have to rub a handful of this epsom Salt on to the skin area which will help in exfoliating the skin. After that you can take your regular shower with a shower gel or bathing bar of your choice. Alternatively you can also use few strips of dried Seaweed into your bathtub. This will also help in boosting the softening effect for your skin.

3. Aloe Vera gel

Everyone knows that Aloe Vera gel is an excellent moisturizer. It is the best remedy for dry skin problems. Aloe Vera Gel has healing properties that helps to alleviate the dry skin area with the plant moisture. The acid present in Aloe Vera Gel helps in alleviating your dead skin cells and making your skin softer. It is always best to use a freshly cut off Aloe Vera Gel instead of a package gels which have added preservatives.

4. Avocado

For dry skin persons, there are so many reasons to add more moisture to skin. A bit of avocado fruit pulp can help in making this happen. Just take few pieces of avocado and puree the pulp. Pat it on your face and neck as a moisturizing mask. The healthy oil present in avocado fruit acts as an emollient while the vitamin E contained in the fruit is beneficial for your skin.

How to choose cosmetic products for dry skin

While choosing cosmetic products for dry skin always make sure you are using a moisturizer that contains Alpha hydroxy acid. This will help in removing flaky skin cells and loose skin by making your skin softer. Also lotions which have urea in it provide a similar kind of effect and is best to get a softer skin.

Trapping in the skin moisture can be done with you inexpensive products at home such as petroleum jelly, Mineral oil, coconut oil, peanut oil or any kind of carrier oil. For someone who is continuously having dry skin make sure to have a check on the type of soap you use. Deodorant soaps can be harmful and drying to the skin . Importantly perfumes can contain irritant that make your skin dry. Use superfat soaps like dove nutrogena contains extra oil or fat that is beneficial to your skin.
Use gentle cleansers and milder soaps to remove dirt and oil from skin. Liquid soaps can also be beneficial.


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