Vellore Marathon 2016

Vellore Marathon 2016Running is a healthy fun activity. While many see it as a recreational sports activity, the health benefits of running are many. It is a form of aerobic exercise. Everyone try running at one point or other in their life. Some even join running clubs for an added engagement. Once you get involved into running, you can choose to participate in leisure running activities, athletics running races or even once-in-a-while marathons. This makes you engaged in the activity further by competing with other runners. If there are any local running clubs in your region, you could contact them for such activity.

A newbie to running exercise must start with a brisk walking session, progressing to a jogging session and then work up for running. This will help your body to keep up the pace, without getting exhausted.

There are so many health benefits of running.

  • Running as an exercise helps to build strong bones.
  • It is an excellent weight bearing exercise for the body that strengthens the muscles.
  • It also improves the body’s cardiovascular fitness.
  • Moreover, it burns plenty of kilojoules, aiding in weight loss.
  • Regular running exercise helps maintain a healthy weight.

Running vs Jogging

There is a good difference between running and jogging. Intensive jogging activity is running. Since running is a faster activity, you burn more kilojoules. Moreover, it demands more effort from our inner organs like heart, lungs and muscles, when compared to jogging. Running also requires a greater level of overall fitness. Both running and jogging activities produce enough energy by combining the body’s oxygen with blood glucose levels or body fat content. This way, you can keep your body fit and healthy from inside out.

Running also has emotional and mental benefits such as stress-relief, motivation, happiness and more. You can find your body and mind getting energized and refreshed after a good session of running activity. So, if you are feeling interested in engaging in running activities, you can start with fun run races and marathons to pitch in with other runners. There are good opportunities for such running activities. Here is one to grab.

Information about Vellore Marathon 2016

Running activities and events in India is growing leaps and bounds in the recent years. After Bangalore – that boosts of having the most runners community in India – Vellore is one of the south Indian cities leading this change. Vellore runners are winning various marathon events across the country, irrespective of age categories. Vellore is being referred to as the fitness capital of India. To add a new feather to the cap, there is an Annual city marathon in Vellore this year. This running event will be conducted across the city, through its important landmarks. Participating in this Vellore Marathon 2016 is sure to promote active running and encourage the runners for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Venue: Don Bosco Matriculation School, 8th East Main Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632006, India, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Date: Dec 25, 2016

Time: 5:00 AM to 11:45 PM

How the Register for the Event?

Registering for this Vellore Marathon 2016 can be made through the goeventz portal.

Click here to register.

You can book your tickets online through the portal. There are three categories of running – Half Marathon, 10K Challenge and 5K Hope Run. The event tickets are categorized accordingly. Soon after registering, you will receive the details through mail or mobile. If you want to know further details regarding the event, you can visit Goeventz.

[FYI, the Goeventz payment gateway is completely safe and secure to use.]

About Goeventz

Goeventz is an online platform that connects people with great events! Goeventz makes it easier for participants and event organizers to get on a universal space for all sorts of events such as conferences, rock concerts, festivals, fundraisers, exhibitions, trade fairs and all the more. If you are event seekers, Goeventz provides a safe and user-friendly payment gateway to book tickets, and if you are an event organizer, it promotes your events to a wider audience. You can discover events happening around the world, all from a single platform.

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