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DIY Homemade Mouth Freshener 0

DIY Homemade Mouth Freshener

Bad breath is one common oral problem. This is caused by increases odor causing bacteria and decreased saliva production. It can also be a result of some sort of stomach issues. Whatever the reason...

natural antibiotics 0

5 Natural Antibiotics to Fight Infections

Nature has provided with thousands of natural herbs that have antibacterial properties. Many are unaware of the natural antibiotics, consuming pharmaceutical medications that are harmful to health. Most of the natural antibiotics are proven...

Cinnamon and its various Health Benefits 0

Cinnamon and its Health Benefits

  Most of the traditional spices are not only tasty but have medicinal properties. Cinnamon is one among the least overlooked spices.  There are actually two types of cinnamon – Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia...