Simple Home Remedies to tackle Pregnancy Discomfort

“It’s a great feeling to become a mother” – Yes, every woman feels it is the happiest moment in their life. However, there are several discomforts accompanying during pregnancy period, particularly the first and second trimester. It is not always possible to run to medicines every now and then. So, it would be advisable to have some handy home remedies that work for each one of us. While symptoms of pregnancy discomfort can vary from woman-to-woman, there are several discomforts common to all. The following are few of the common pregnancy discomforts and how you can tackle them easily at home.

Home Remedies for Pregnancy Discomfort

Vomiting sensation:

90% of the women have always a vomiting sensation during the first trimester. During the morning time and after every meal, most of the pregnant ladies have these problems.

Here are the few ways to overcome this:

  • Always eat your favorite food – But ensure that it is healthy.
  • Don’t dump food – Increase the number of times between eating.
  • Fruits having sour taste – lemon, mango, orange helps to overcome vomiting sensation
  • A very little amount of pickles helps increase appetite.

Back pain:

During the 2nd trimester (nearly 5-6th month) back pain starts due to the hormonal changes and increase in the secretion of estrogen hormone. This is also due to the gradual increase in weight.Ways to overcome:

Ways to overcome:

  • Bathing in warm water, especially at night, gives a great relief to back pain.
  • Also, intake of protein rich food helps to reduce back ache.

Common cold and blocked nose:

Pregnancy during winter always makes the woman face a problem of common cold, blocked nose etc.. Also doctor used to give mild dosage to cure a cold during pregnancy because strong dose may affect the fetus. So, it is always better to opt for home remedies to get some relief from cold.

Steps to get relief from cold:

  • Drinking herbal tea made of dried ginger and coriander seeds help relieve from cold and releases mucus from the chest.
  • Tulsi and neem – when added in steam inhalation give a great relief to cold.
  • Pregnant ladies should avoid drinking refrigerated water and cool drinks.
  • Boil the water and drink it in a warm condition – This helps in both relieving common cold, indigestion, and constipation.
  • Do not blow the nose strongly, as it might lead to nasal bleeding.


During the last trimester, pregnant ladies face constipation problem. This is because of the bowel activities get slowed down during pregnancy.

Easy steps to overcome this:

  • Drinking warm water after every meal helps to avoid constipation.
  • Eating lot of fruits and vegetables give the needed fiber to the body which prevents constipation. Besides, eating fruits also builds a great immune system for the baby.
  • Drinking ginger tea helps a lot to solve this problem.

So, make the most out of these useful tips and try to have a relaxed atmosphere with healthy food intake to make your pregnancy period go comfortably. A stress-free and joyful heart helps the pregnant ladies to tackle all the discomforts and help in happy parenting.

A word for Care

  • The pregnant ladies should always have a peaceful mind.
  • They should listen to refreshing music.
  • If they have faith in God, participating in spiritual activities give a great invoke the child.
  • Engage in solving Mathematical puzzles, triggering out IQ questions play a vital role in developing the child into a genius.


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