Escape the Summer with these Refreshing Healthy Juices

As the scorching heat is getting higher this summer, everyone is prone to get tired and dehydrated. To combat the summer heat, it is essential to have a healthy fluid intake. Juices are the best way to improve your body’s need for water content and keep yourself hydrated and energetic for a longer time. But make sure to limit your juice intake during summers and instead take lots of plain or detox water. This will help in complications related to increased sugar levels in the body. Here we have a collection of refreshing healthy juices for summer to give a shot.


Why drinking Water is more Beneficial than Fruit Juices

Water, is perhaps, one of the best things to keep yourself hydrated during summer times. Why drinking Water is more Beneficial than Fruit Juices is an excellent post to know the benefits of drinking plain water for refreshing your body. However, the bland taste of it sometimes repels from drinking it continuously. But be happy, there are alternatives.

Usually, detox water is the best alternative for drinking plain water. Here is a post on How Detoxing Really Works and Why do you need to Detoxify your Body. When it comes to adding flavor to water and detoxing the body, Flavored Detox Water is great to start with. Not only does it adds the flavor of the ingredients but also it holds several health benefits. Check out the following detox juice recipes. You can choose the detox drink depending on the need and taste you prefer.

Cucumber Detox Drink

Cucumber Detox Drink

Cucumber juice is a healthy and versatile summer drink. Cucumbers are excellent low-calorie veggie for the summer season. It has enough water content to keep yourself hydrated. Moreover, the nutritional value of it makes it appropriate for people of any age. Know how to make cucumber detox drink from this post.

Fruit Juices

Apart from water, fruit juices are good alternatives. These fresh juices hold lots of health benefits along with hydrating water content. It is best to look out for water content rich fruit juices for the benefit of tackling the summer heat.

ABC Juice – Miracle Drink with Apples, Beetroot and Carrot

abc juice miracle drink

Vegetables and fruits have excellent nutritional value. That too, these two vegetables and the fruit make the perfect combination for health. We know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Similarly, carrots and beetroots are equally cooling ingredients to the body, apart from their health benefits. So, try out this summer juice, especially for the kids, as it is super tasty and colorfully flavored.

Avocado Juice

Health Benefits of Avocado Juice

Though not available everywhere, avocados are an excellent source of nutrition. It has high healthy fats and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals. Avocado is delicious and this juice is super yummy. Check out the recipe on How to make Avocado Juice

Amla juice

Amla juice for Weight Loss

Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry, which has rich nutrition and numerous health benefits. Moreover, it is indeed nature’s gift during the summer season. Amla can miraculously quench your thirst and keep your body cool and hydrated. Know how to make Amla Juice.

Herbal Juice

Bermuda Grass Juice (அருகம் புல்) 

Bermuda Grass Juice (அருகம் புல்) for Health

This is an Ayurvedic juice made from Bermuda grass or Durva grass. This is a medicinal plant with lots of health benefits. It has coolant properties and helps in reducing body heat. It also aids in blood purification and body detoxification by flushing out body toxins. Learn How to make Bermuda Grass Health Drink.

Mint Lassi

mint lassi

Lassi is another alternative that refreshes the body. It has cooling properties that reduce the summer heat from affecting the body. Adding flavor spices and herbs to lassi can make it more refreshing during the hot summer days. Mint or Pudina has refreshing properties that make it an effective ingredient during summers.

All of these drinks make a great way to delicious body hydration. Even though heat can turn bad, these fruit juices, flavoured water, herbal drinks, and lassi can help you fight the heat. Try out these healthy juices for summer, and stay hydrated and healthy.


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