5 Natural Antibiotics to Fight Infections

Nature has provided with thousands of natural herbs that have antibacterial properties. Many are unaware of the natural antibiotics, consuming pharmaceutical medications that are harmful to health. Most of the natural antibiotics are proven effective to treat various ailments, and more than that prevent them from recurring. Today’s society is trapped by the high-powered pharmaceutical antibiotics that leave residues causing toxicity to the human body. To combat this, it is essential to perform a deliberate process of detoxification regularly. Many illnesses and diseases respond favorably to most of the natural antibiotics. However, the trick is to know which natural antibiotic benefits which ailments and also have formulations that effectively cure the problem. Consuming natural antibiotic is likely to address the infection or inflammation successfully without any side-effects. Here we have few natural antibiotics that help to cure various diseases.


Time and again, garlic is known for its amazing health benefits. Eating garlic cloves daily can effectively fight bacterial and viral infections. It has active ingredient called, allicin, which helps to fight bacteria. It has anti-microbial properties that even help to assist in treating diabetes, high blood pressure and various other diseases related to infections. It also has potent antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal properties that relieves effectively from the effects of colds, flu and even toothaches. It protects the body and facilitates the removal of bacteria by supporting the immune system. Does not hurt that organic garlic is also quite affordable!

To maximize the effects of garlic, you have to take it raw with warm water or tea. You can also crush and sprinkle it with salads and soups.


Onions are closely similar to garlic when it comes to antibiotic properties and health benefits. It has the ability to cure illness such as colds and flu as well as reduces pain and inflammation. Similar to garlic, onions are best antibiotics when eaten raw. You can crush raw onions and squeeze out the juice and drink it. Also, always use freshly got onions as they have the tendency to absorb impurities in the air once exposed.


Turmeric is a widely known traditional Indian spice used holistically for centuries ahead. The presence of a compound, curcumin, in turmeric has anti-microbial power. It is effective to fight against infections and gastric problems. Turmeric is also known to be an effective remedy for allergy relief or sneezing and symptoms of allergic rhinitis or hay fever.

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract, also known as GSE, is nowadays used as an anti-microbial compound. It shows great effectiveness in preventing infections caused by growth of fungi and bacteria. You have to dilute the extract to be used for specific applications. It is consumed to treat various viral, bacterial, and fungal/yeast infections. Inhaling Grapefruit seed extract vapor help stop treat lung infections. It also helps to fight mold growth, disinfect water, preserve food and kill parasites in animal feeds.


Ginger is an Ayurveda remedy used for ages since. It is a powerful natural antibiotic. The presence of a biological compound called gingerol in ginger helps fight infections, specifically related to mouth. The antibiotic effect of ginger helps fight against food borne pathogens and increases stomach acid production. This is why it is used to treat various flu infections and colds as well as is beneficial for treating nausea, upset stomach and muscle/joint pains. Raw ginger is effective to prevent food poisoning.


Cinnamon is an amazing natural antibiotic. It could fight resistant body bacterial and viral infections that are not responsive to standard antibiotics. Cinnamon also helps to lower blood sugar levels in diabetes prone people. The antibiotic properties of cinnamon help to treat yeast infections as well. You can boil a bark of cinnamon in water and consume it in small quantities. It can be refrigerated for several days.


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